2ds+ V1.0


here comes the final version of the homebrew project 2ds+ and  I think, it’s done!

I improved the scenes, added a main menu and included more 3D photographs. The controls were unified so that nearly each scene can be controlled with the same key set. And last, I updated the 2ds+ project page to give an overview of this project.

Picture: Pepper

Project Page:

Binary and Source Files:


2ds+ V0.5

Here comes the second release of my project 2ds+.

I used the time after the last release to get more involved in calculation of 3D coordinates and vectors and in using the openGL stuff. I added and updated the following objects and scenes:

  • A satellite spinning around Earth (added)
  • A waving plane (added)
  • Some rotating cubes (updated)
  • A photograph

The satellite scene is new and it contains a satellite (of course) that’s flying around an Earth object. Additionally the satellite’s path and a starry sky is displayed. You can control the flight direction of the satellite by using the NDS keys: B and X or you can rotate the entire scene by dragging it on the touchpad.

picture: Satellite


SELECT – switch between the scenes
Touchpad – rotate the objects manually

B – turn the satellite to the left
X – turn the satellite to the right

Binary and sources files:


2ds+ V0.3

This is the first release of my project 2ds+.

After Nintendo announced the new NDS (3ds) I tried to show a 3D effect on the NDS by using the two display.

I implemented some rotating cubes displayed in two slightly different perspectives. If you use the “cross viewing” technique, you will see a third object in 3D.

picture: Rotaiting cubes

X – switch between the objects

- rotate the cubes manually

Sources and binary:


My First Posting


First I’d like to say thanks to the drunkencoders for providing this blog.

I’m damicha of defect and I used my Easter weekend vacation to start coding for the NDS. My objectives are to implement some 3D effects for the NDS and release my stuff on drunkencoders.com. The next days I’ll upload my first release.

Hello world!

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